I found a place, deep inside my heart

where life became  living dead.

The clock stopped a while ago

Can I live without my core?

Maybe I’ve got two of a kind,

but seems neither work now

Am I dead or what? Is it black or white?

Just crossed the line but still no sign

whether this is the end or eternity,

the love I thought I run wild for

but the fear I left behind is in front in sight.

Is life the cause for living?

Is dead the reason for dying?

Is it love because of crying?

I can feel it makes no difference anymore,

no time no space, I miss you here and now

so farewell dear love of mine,

may we meet again, heaven or hell

this life or another, the wheel always spins.

Don’t care if it’s two or one,

this piece is broken, but I’m still alive.


Los Momentos Mágicos de Storyly