The thing is, they make you believe you’re gonna feel better if you buy that shit, rather than get stuff you actually need. They no longer need to  persuade you to buy anything in a rational, straight way. Actually quite a lot of time ago, even before you were born.

The «rational» argument sneaked into your mind is «I’ll feel better if I have this», so an emotional connection is created between you and that shit. Bingo! Isn’t it cool?

No, thank you. Maybe next time. Or maybe I’ll be smart enough.

Edward Bernays, not casually Sigmund Freud‘s nephew, understood this. He took the idea of propaganda and re-labeled it as public relations. The rest is history. The history THEY created, but just for you. Keep dreaming.

Or do yourself a favor and wake up. Just check it. Seriously, didn’t you already know this?

Disculpa un momento, ¿mejor así? Despertemos de una vez. Ya es hora.

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